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Sailor's Distance Table
<% =Verd1 %> A little homebrew utility that I use on board to
calculate ETA's distances and bunkers.

It generates the shortest distance between ports.

More then 80000 shortest distance are generated
between about 280 ports in Europe and North Africa

New is, you have to choose if you want the route
calculated through the Kieler Kanaal or through
Bonifacio Strait as well then you click (=checking) the
appropiate Checkbox.

Mind you it still will calculate
the shortest route!!, it does not necasserely
go by there
<% set params = request.querystring if request.querystring <> "" then Vertrek = Request.QueryString("VertrekHaven") Datum = request.QueryString("VertrekDatum") Tijd = request.QueryString("VertrekTijd") tijd = formatdatetime(Tijd,vbShortTime) tijd = replace(tijd," ","") Speed = request.QueryString("Vaart") else datum = Date Tijd = formatdatetime(now,vbShortTime) tijd = replace(tijd," ","") Speed = 13.8 end if f="" %>
<% =f %>Port of Departure : <% =f %>Port of Arrival : <% =f %>Click to Send :
<% =f %> Arrival Date : <% =f %>Arrival Time :<% =f %>Shipspeed :
<% =f %>Portstay (hrs)<% =f %>Via Kielerkanaal<% =f %>Via Bonifacio
To be able to continue planning
it is necassery that you enter the portstay in hours, from
there the departure time will be calculated and the arrival time in the next port etc. etc.

Find flat seas, blue skies and far horizons
on your exotic voyages :-)